We work on the functional evolution of toxin-antitoxins and proteins that interact with the ribosome, and that are involved in antibiotic resistance and response to stress. Our methods are bioinformatics, microbiology and biochemistry.

Chayan Kumar Saha, PhD student

Sequence analyses of small alarmone synthetases, developer of our FlaGs (Flanking Genes) tool


Tatsuaki Kurata, post-doc

Validation and characterisation of novel toxin-antitoxin systems




Viktoriia Murina, post-doc (50% in the lab of Vasili Hauryliuk)

Biochemistry of antibiotic resistance conferred by Staphylococcus Aureus Vga(A) and other ABCF ATPases


Tonu Margus, post-doc

Bioinformatic analyses of yeast ribosome profiling data to understand the role of enigmatic translation factors


Gemma C. Atkinson, Group leader

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Marje Kasari, post-doc

Marje worked with us on biochemistry and microbiology of Entercoccus faecalis Lsa and other antibiotic resistance ABCF ATPases


We collaborate extensively with the lab of Vasili Hauryliuk