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We have available positions!

If you are interested in joining us for a post-doc (wet lab or bioinformatics) or PhD (bioinformatics), please email Gemma with a CV and cover letter describing your scientific interests and relevant experience. 

I am looking for bioinformatics-skilled PhD students and postdocs interested in comparative genomics, protein evolution, microbial (bacteria and phage) warfare, toxin-antitoxin systems, or antibiotic resistance evolution and epidemiology.  

Along with Vasili Hauryliuk, we are also looking for post-docs with biochemical, microbiological or structural experience to work on various proteins of interest in bacteria and eukaryotes: ribosome-binding translation, quality control and antibiotic resistance factors, alarmone synthetases and hydrolases, and toxin-antitoxin systems. (

See our poster here: Atkinson_Hauryliuk_positions  

Other postdoc funding opportunities:

As well as the opporunities above, potential post-docs can apply for their own funding through the Wenner-Gren foundation. Deadline Oct 1st yearly. As above, email me with a motivation letter and full CV if you are interested in this route.


Local Bachelors and Masters students in Umeå are welcome to get in touch to enquire about projects.

Students in the EU may get funding for an internship by applying through their home institution for an ERASMUS placement.