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Bacterial toxin-antitoxin (TA) systems have diverse functions, including defence against phages and maintenance of genetic elements. The lab of Gemma C. Atkinson has discovered a large network of promiscuous toxin-antitoxin domain pairs that swap partners across vast evolutionary distances. These novel TAs are being characterised microbiologically and biochemically in collaboration with the lab of Vasili Hauryliuk.

A post-doctoral position is available on discovery of the structural and molecular evolutionary basis of toxicity, neutralisation by antitoxins, and partner swapping. TA complexes will be analysed structurally by X-ray crystallography in the lab of Karina Persson (lead PI), and the dynamics of complex formation will be investigated with NMR, working with the lab of Gerhard Gröbner. The successful post-doc will receive training in these two structural biology methods, as well as the interpretation of structures in the light of evolution and molecular function.

The ISB post-doctoral program is open to all nationalities with relevant doctoral level education and work experiences. Benefits of the position include:

  • Funding for research within a multidisciplinary structural biology environment
  • Two years of guaranteed funding including running costs
  • Access to ISB affiliated core facilities and technical platforms
  • Integration with postdocs at MIMS for career development and joint activities

More information on the post-doctoral program is available here:

Candidates should (in addition to submitting their CV, publications, certificates, etc.) write a “MOTIVATION LETTER” (1-2 pages) specifying: i) why they are interested in performing postdoc research studies within ISB and ii) why in particular they wish to do this with the team of PIs and project idea summarised here. The applicants must also write a one-page research plan for the project.

Thus, interested candidates are strongly encouraged to contact the PIs for discussion of the project before submission. The contact person for this project is Gemma C. Atkinson,

Completed applications should be submitted to by October 15th 2019


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