Post-doc opportunity

INTEGRATED STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY (ISB) POSTDOCTORAL PROGRAM PROJECT SUMMARY: Bacterial toxin-antitoxin (TA) systems have diverse functions, including defence against phages and maintenance of genetic elements. The lab of Gemma C. Atkinson has discovered a large network of promiscuous toxin-antitoxin domain pairs that swap partners across vast evolutionary distances. These novel TAs are being characterised microbiologically and…

The paper describing our bioinformatics tool FlaGs (Flanking Genes) is on BioRxiv!

FlaGs is a Python application for analysing conservation of gene neighbourhoods, and creating publication-quality figures. I’m very proud of my PhD student Chayan Kumar Saha for his heroic effort making this tool! Well done Chayan! The paper is here: And the tool itself is here: Some example output: